Deepika's 'Lotus Splash' Triumphs: Delhi HC Rejects Lotus Herbals' Trademark Battle!

Delhi HC rejects Lotus Herbals' plea against Deepika Padukone's 'Lotus Splash.'

Lotus Herbals claims infringement; court denies provisional injunction.

Justice states no prima facie case, products are dissimilar.

Deepika's 82°E sued for using 'Lotus Splash' on face wash.

Lotus Herbals alleges 'Lotus Splash' infringes 'LOTUS' trademark.

Court deems products dissimilar, consumers can distinguish.

Deepika's company protected under Section 30(2)(a).

'Lotus Splash' indicative of product's main ingredient.

Deepika's other products follow similar naming convention.

Court concludes no attempt to confuse consumers.