Unveiling Virat Kohli's Secrets: The 5-Day Workout, 4-Hour Practice, and Ultimate Diet Plan!

Virat Kohli follows a comprehensive five-day workout plan either at home or gym,

 with two well-deserved rest days. 

During the off-season, Kohli pays extra attention to his gym workouts. 

These workouts are specifically designed to strengthen his

back, legs, and core, while also focusing on gaining muscle mass.

Virat Kohli practices for at least four hours every day.

This includes two hours of batting, one hour of bowling, and one hour of fielding.

He also spends time watching videos of his past matches to learn from his mistakes.

Kohli refrains from dal, rajma, and lobia, and avoids spicy curries.

He relishes coffee, steering clear of sugary beverages and gluten, 

and opts for smoothies, sprouts, or salads for healthy carbs.

Kohli is known to follow a vegetarian diet

This dedication to his craft has helped him become 

one of the best cricket players in the world.

his net worth is estimated to be over Rs 1,000 crore.